Christophe Dessaigne is a French photographer and digital artist who lives in the south of France, in a small town called Perpignan, near Spain on the Mediterranean coast. His creations are open doors to fantastic and dreamy horizons where digital photography serves the fanciful imagery of surrealist photomontages. His universes are desolate, vast and insubstantial. Gigantic scaled structures rule the landscapes, dwarfing human beings to the size of ants. His post-apocalyptic kingdoms, equally poetic and terrifying, are visions of the end of the world.
His work has appeared in cover art book (see below) and CD covers, and has recently been featured in Advanced Creations and PSD Photoshop magazine and Artpress magazine. His photographic visions are invitations to remote and chimeric territories. A travel into a mysterious journey…

Exhibitions :

2013 – ‘Ruinenwerk’, in Archittectura Festival. ITALY.

2012 – ‘La Linea Gotica’ – ‘Forgotten Places’, Turin International Art Museum (MIAAO). ITALY.

2011 – Art gallery 21C Louisville, Kentucky. USA.

Press articles & various publications (See the « Blog » section for more details) :

• Featured in IL GIORNALE DELL’ARTE. 2013. ITALY.

• Featured in LA REPUBBLICA. 2013. ITALY.

• Featured in LA STAMPA. 2013. ITALY.

• Featured in the magazine FOTOBLUR issue #10 Spring 2011. USA.

• Art book BEAUTY IN DECAY (Carpet Bombing Publishing). UK.

• Art book ALTERATED IMAGES (Carpet Bombing Publishing). UK.

• Featured in the magazine LE PETIT BULLETIN DE LYON issue #596 November 2010. FRANCE.

• Featured in the magazine CHRONICART issue #70 January 2011. FRANCE.

• Featured in the magazine FOTOBLUR issue #8 Winter 2010. USA.

• First price winner of the french contest REPONSES PHOTO, black & white. FRANCE.

• Interview and full page article in the newspaper L’INDEPENDANT (France), « Découvert par l’Amérique ». FRANCE.

• Art book published in the USA by Nextfolio CHRISTOPHE DESSAIGNE : DREAMS & NIGHTMARES ». USA. (Out of Stock).

• Interview and portfolio in the art magazine BELIO. SPAIN.

• 5 pages article in the international magazine PHOTOSHOP (« Midnight digital and the end of the world »). UK.

• Featured on the french magazine REPONSES PHOTO. FRANCE.

• Featured in WOOF! Magazine. PORTUGAL.

Book covers (non-exhaustive list) :

- WIDE OPEN By Deborah Coates (Tor Books) (USA).

- THE WHISPERING GALLERY By Mark Sanderson (Harper Collins) (UK).

- ROCK CREEK PARK By Simon Conway (Hodder & Stoughton Publishers) (UK).

- FORGORELSEN By Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan (Bra Bröcker Editions) (Sweden).

- COLDBROOK By Tim Lebbon (Hammer) (UK).

- NADERE INSTRUCTIES VOLGEN By FRans Strijards (NWDam) (Netherlands).

- THE DEAD OF THE SUMMER By Mari Jungstedt (Doubleday Edicions) (Spain).

- URZEALA PACATULUI By Phil Rickman (Suspans) (Romania).

- DER WIND BRINGT DEN TOD By Ole Kristiansen (DTV) (Germany).

- MONSTER RUPUBLIC By Ben Horton (Omnibus Editions) (UK).

- THE AREAL By Sean Cregan.

- EN VAKKER DAG By Geir Stian Ulstein (Juritzen Forlas Editions) (Norway).

- THE NIGHT ETERNAL By Guillermo Del Toro (Brazil Edition).

- BLANDVERK By Thomas Erikson (Sweden) (Ponto Pocket).

- DE MYSTERIEUZE VROUW By Jonathan Kellerman (Netherlands) (Sijthoff Editions).

- ALTAR OF BONES By Philip Carter (Norway).

- DE TRANEN VAN SHERAZADE By Toes En Hoeps (Netherlands).

- FEVER OF THE BONE By Val McDermid (Canada) (Harper Weekend).

- LA CAVALCATA DEI MORTI By Fred Vargas (Italy) (Giullio Einaudi Editore).

- LE PROJET BLEIBERG By David S. Khara (France) (Pocket 10/18).

- THREE AM By Steven John (USA) (Tor Books).

- DANS LA NUIT BRUNE By Agnès Desarthe (France) (Points).

- PAJARO SIN VUELO By Luis Mateo Diez (Spain) (Alfaguara).

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- THE FINAL TESTAMENT OF THE HOLY BIBLE By James Frey (Guanda Editore) (Italy).

- THE DEAD OF SUMMER By Mari Jungstedt (Kindle Editions) (UK).

- DE VLOEK VAN DE FARAO By Scott Mariani (VBK Media) (Netherland).

- THIEVES GET RICH, SAINTS GET SHOT By Jodi Compton(Brilliance Corporation) (USA).

- WARM BODIES By Isaac Marion (Atria Publisher) (USA – Spain – Brazil – UK – Taiwan).

- WELLENSCHLAG By Georges Simenon(Diogenes Verlag) (Switzerland).

- LANGT IFRAN DOD By Peter James (Ponto Pocket) (Sweden).

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- HIMMELBJORNENS SKOG by Britt Karin Larsen (Norway).

- LA KAMIKAZE by Mayte Carrasco (Novela – Spain).

- CONTRE TOUTE ATTENTE by Linwood Barclay (France Loisirs – France).

- POSSESSION by Elana Johnson (Amber Publisher – Poland).

CD Artworks (non-exhaustive list) :

- HAUJOBB, « New World March » (Tympanik Audio) (Germany).

- SERIANNA, « Inheritors » (Bulletooth Records) (USA).

- HAUJOBB, « Dead Market » (Germany).

- ARTERY, « Civilisations » (UK).

- STAR ONE, « Victims Of The Modern Age » (InsideOut Music) (Europe).

- DOYLE, « And Gods Will » (Missile Records) (France).

- Arjen Lucassen’s GUILT MACHINE, « On This Perfect Day » (Mascot Records) (Europe).


- KUDAI (Spain, Indie).

- RISE OF CALIGULA (USA, Californie, 187 Records).

Inspirations :

Music : Rush, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Saga, Desiderii Marginis, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Septicflesh, Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Kansas, Styx, Cannata, Judas Priest, Opeth, Ayreon, Genesis, Steve Roach, Lustmord, Ozric Tentacles, Demon, Journey, Devin Townsend, Marillion, Savatage, Magma, Death, Slayer, Coroner, Symphony-X, Simple Minds, Dio, Black Sabbath, Van Stephenson, Crimson Glory, Ozzy Osbourne, Nils Petter Molvaer, Toto, Motörhead, Ark, Jorn Lande, Haujobb, Inade, Strapping Young Lad, Pat Benatar, Bad English, Foreigner, Mama’s Boys, Van Halen, FM, Magnum, Guilt Machine, Icon, Gowan, Threshold, Y&T, Yes, Spock’s Beard, Danny Elfman, Dead Can Dance, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Robert Rich, Ulver, Between Interval, Arcana, Celtic Frost, Dalbello, Mercyful Fate, Chad Kettering…

Interests : Urban exploration, Cinema, Books, Sci-fi, Eschatology, Nature, Dystopia, Photography, Art, Music, Politic, Ufology & conspiracy theories, History.

Movies : Blade Runner, Near Dark, Videodrome, Mad Max, Dark City, La Jetée, Sunshine, Moon, The Quiet Earth, The Breakfast Club, Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Wings Of desire, Eraserhead, Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Brazil, 28 Days Later, Dawn Of The Dead, Diary Of The Dead, Land Of The Dead, 1984, Escape From New York, They Live, The Lost Boys, Dark Crystal, In The Mouth Of Madness, The Changeling, Audition, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, Rec, The Blob, Event Horizon, Sans Soleil, Equilibrium, The Stand, Sleepy Hollow, Shawshank Redemption, Code 46, The Village, Le Dernier Combat, Pan’s Labyrinth, Deadzone, Soylent Green, Stalker, The Road, The Abandoned, Blindness, Children Of Men, The Terminator, Metropolis, Nosferatu (Herzog), Close Encounter Of The Third Kind, Event Horizon, The Fly, The Abyss, Jacob’s Ladder, Pi 3,14, K-Pax, The Straight Story, Mulholland Drive, Carnival Of Souls, Heavy Metal, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn Of The Dead, Shinning, The Exorcist, Birdy, 12 Monkeys, Strange Days, The Book Of Eli, Alphaville, Conan, Vertigo, Dracula (Coppola), This Is Spinal Tap, La Planète Sauvage, Nosferatu, Red Dawn, Planet Of The Apes (1967), Time Bandits, Metropolis, Gattaca, Donnie Darko, Legend, Black Death, Let The Right On In, The Wall, The Thing, Dune, Donnie Darko, Silent Hill, The Hungers, Dead Snow, The Neverending Story, Das Experiment, Princess Bride, Body Double, The Silent Warrior, Angel Heart, A Clockwork Orange…

Favorite artists : Zdzislaw Beksinski, Philippe Druillet, Dave McKean, Jean-Pierre Ugarte, Corben, Moebius, Robert & Shana Parkeharrison, David Lynch, Storm Thorgerson, Gregory Crewdson, Shinichiro Kobayashi…

Favorite authors : Serge Brussolo, Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Abraham Merritt, Clark Ashton Smith, Pierre Bordage, Neil Gaiman, Philip K. Dick, Barjavel…

Series : Carnivale, Twin Peaks, Breaking Bad, The Twilight Zone, Profit, The Lost Room, Torchwood, The Prisoner, Game Of Thrones, Survivors, Life After People, Masters Of Horror, Dexter, Jekyll, Psychoville, Black Book…